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Who we are ?

Face skin accounts for only 2% of the skin, which means that you focus your attention and spend your money on your facial skin, forgetting about 98% of your body skin! At Rawash, we have made it our mission to develop body products that rival the best facial ingredients in terms of efficiency and benefit, and at a sensible price!


Rawash is with you to eliminate the confusion you have when searching for a product that deserves to be added to your routine and help you stick to your routine by integrating all the benefits and vitamins that your skin needs in products that save you a lot of time, effort and money.


A simple body care routine.. fast, yet nourishing and effective, and most importantly, taking care of the smallest details of the experience in terms of texture, fragrance and harmonious feeling.

"Because your health is the result of your choices, we help you make wiser choices."
Development Field

After a survey we conducted to research your needs and aspirations regarding personal care products, we searched for the best products recommended by the most famous dermatologists and skin care specialists and the best-selling products in the world; we tried them and compared them in terms of ingredients and effectiveness. Then, picking up where everyone else left off, we picked the best ingredients and made our research on the ingredients that even the best skin care products were missing to add ingredients with proven efficacy to support and nourish the skin now and in the long term. And after coming up with an innovative blend, we set out on a journey of sampling and lab testing to make sure you have the experience you deserve. Truly, complete products in terms of usefulness, effectiveness, consistency, texture and fragrance.

What sets Rawash apart?

At Rawash, we do not think about launching any product unless we see a need for it. We are not a duplicate. We launch if there is a worthy opportunity, an opportunity for development, improvement and innovation that benefits you and your skin.

Sensibly Priced

High quality ingredients, effective formulations, and fair prices give more people the opportunity to benefit from our products.

Luxurious Scents

Fragrances extracted from unique essential oils with calculated concentrations that do not cause skin allergies.

Science-backed Ingredients

No formula has been approved by Rawash without reviewing the latest research in the field and conducting numerous laboratory experiments.

Rawash Body Wash | غسول الجسم من روش

Rawash Body Wash

Vitamin E & B5

47 SAR

Body Wash Set | مجموعة غسول الجسم

Body Wash Set


94 SAR